Pregnancy and Childbirth Support Service

Medical Checkups for Expectant Mothers

The following areas are screened during prenatal care :

Medical Checkups for Expectant Mothers
Blood Tests General Blood Test Screening hemoglobin, red and white blood cells, for anemia, AIDS, rubella, etc.
Blood Type Test for ABO blood type and Rh factor
Syphilis Test Screen for syphilis, which may cause fetal death or miscarriage.
Hepatitis screening Check for hepatitis. If the mother is infected, the risk of infection in the newborn is high.
Urine Test Diagnosing preeclampsia or gestational diabetes through glucose and protein testing and testing for urinary tract infections.
Ultrasound Examination of the uterus, the degree of fetal growth, location and shape of the fetus, and presence of abnormalities.
Prenatal Healthcare Services

Pregnant women registered at the Community Health Center can be offered a variety of health and medical services.

  • Infertility
    • Couple with infertility under the median income of 130% or less or medical benefit recipients under legal marriage status (women under the age of 44) are supported with external fertilization and artificial insemination.
    • In case of international marriage, at least one of the married couples must be a Korean nationality (Couple's health insurance register is a must)
    • They must submit a 'diagnosis of infertility’ for surgery of it.
  • Iron and Folic Acid
    • Women in their early pregnancy period (within three months) who are registered at the Community Health Center can be offered folic acid supplements and women who are more than five months pregnant are supported the iron acid.
  • Prenatal Classes
    • Classes on breast feeding, prenatal exercises, childbirth preparation, baby massage and others are available. Breast pump adaptors are can be rented. Books on pregnancy, prenatal care and delivery, CDs, and videos are available for borrowing.
  • Nutrition Support for pregnant woman and infants
    • Provide nutritional education and counseling and supplement nutritional foods to those who have nutritional risk factors (anemia, low birth weight, poor growth, poor nutrition status) among pregnant women and infants (under 6 years old) whose income is less than standard median income of 80%. You can apply for and consult with the local public health center.
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth Expenses Support
    • A pregnant woman who has been confirmed as pregnant with a health insurance member can apply to the National Health Insurance Corporation branch or credit card company for pregnancy with the National Happiness Card and get a childcare allowance up to KRW 500,000 per pregnancy.
    • In case of multiple pregnancies, up to KRW 900,000 will be provided. / Ministry of Health and Welfare Call Center 129
  • Childbirth Expenses Support for Pregnant Women with Disabilities
    • Among the registered women with 1–6 grade disabilities, those who delivered a baby will be offered KRW 1 million per person upon application at the responsible Community Support Center in accordance with their address.
Childbirth Support
  • ) Support for Childbirth from Places Other Than Medical Centers
    • Subscribers to the National Health Insurance who delivered a baby at a place other than medical facilities or maternity clinics can be offered KRW 250,000 (within three years since the date of delivery) as childbirth support upon application at an office of the National Health Insurance (1577-1000).
  • Support for maternal and newborn health care (maternity support)
    • The birth family those who are standard underpaid income 80% or less are provided a part of the cost of health care services. It provides maternal and newborn health care services (maternal nutrition care, breast care, postpartum gymnastics, newborn bathing and health care).
      They can apply from the 40th day before giving birth to the public health center within 30 days after giving birth.
    • For international marriage, one of a couple must have Korean nationality(Couple's health insurance register is a must)
    • Government subsidy depends on fetal type, birth order, income level, service period.