Childbirth, Death


Foreign residents in Korea may apply for a Birth Certificate for their children born in Korea from their home country's embassy. This is particularly essential for children with both foreign parents, as a Korean visa must be secured within 30 days after the birth. Documents required for the visa include the parents' Alien Registration Cards (ARCs), Birth Certificate of the child, two photos, and fee of 50,000won (Documents may differ according to visa).


Under the Immigration Law, Article 89, Clause 1, within 30 days after the death of a registered foreign individual or within 14 days after notice of the fact, a report to the immigration office must be made by either the custodian or the owner of the venue where the incident took place. The Alien Registration Card (ARC) and the Death Certificate of the deceased must be submitted at the time of the report. If the family or friends of the deceased wish to transport the body back to his or her home county, they should contact their home country embassy for assistance. The Death Certificate and other medical records of the deceased are required for this procedure. Cremation also requires Death Certificate, Autopsy Report, Notification of Death.

  • Contact the Foreign Resident Information Center at 1345 for further details.