Medical Service for Foreigners


For emergency situations and fire, call 119. The location of the caller is automatically detected, which allows for swift reaction by the rescue teams. Also, a call to 119 leads to foreign translation service and communication is available through 3 way calling. On a mobile phone, press 119 without an area code and in a public telephone booth, press the red emergency call button and then 119.

International Health Service Center of Chungnam National University Hospital

The Medical Center is located in the Family Medicine Department and is available for English, Chinese and Japanese medical counseling.

  • (English) Foreign counseling hotline : 042-280-8429, (Chinese) Foreign counseling hotline : 042-280-6239
    Representative phone number (Korean) : 042-280-7114
International Health Service Center of Eulji University Hospital

International Health Service Center of Eulji University Hospital has English counseling service.

  • Foreign counseling number : 042-611-3399, Representative phone number (Korean) : 042-611-3000
International Clinic Center of Sun General Hospital

International Clinic Center of Sun General Hospital has specialized orthopedics, internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, dentistry etc and international medical team staff is available for English, Russian, and Mongolian consultation.

  • Foreign consultation hotline : 042-220-8080, Representative phone number (Korean) : 042-220-8000
Konyang International Health Care Center/ International Clinic Center

The Konyang University Medical Cooperation Center has specialized personnel for English, Russian, and Chinese consultation to help foreigners with outpatient, hospitalization, emergency, visa, physical examination, and general medical examinations.

  • Foreign consultation hotline : 042-600-6655, Representative phone number (Korean) : 042-600-9999
Welfare Center and Free Clinic for Immigrant

It provides medical services including oriental and dental treatment for foreign workers, women in international marriage and international students for free.

  • Time : 2:00-5:00PM, every Sunday
  • Location : 6 Mokcheok 7-gil, Jung-gu
  • Treatments : Western, Oriental, Dental Service, Pharmacy
  • Telephone : 042-631-6242
Night watch medical institution

You can download the list of night watch medical institutions in Daejeon.

  • Night watch hospital and pharmacy in Daejeon City
    • 042-120 (Daejeon City Call Center), 042-270-2222 (Night duty Daejeon City Hall)