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Happy "Seollal" Lunar New Year's Day!
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Seollal (Korean Lunar New Years Day)


Coming 10th of February is Lunar New Years Day, that is Seollal.

Seollal is one of the biggest holidays in Korea, and this day, all the family members get together, and have a good time. On the morning of Seollal, after holding a memorial service for their ancestors, they bow their parents or grandparents for New Years, and then have a time to say well-wishing remarks. Generally, they say to each other Saehae bokmani badeuseyo.

And there is a special food they eat on the morning of Seollal. It is ddeokguk. You can enjoy videos about making ddeokguk at the following links.

What about making ddeokguk, and sharing it with your family members or friends, and having a good time saying well-wishing remarks this Seollal?


How to make ddeokguk(rice cake soup)


For more information about Seollal


2013 Seollal Traditional Events




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