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Call for Papers for “Eokaedongmu”
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Call for
Papers for “Eokaedongmu”


DICC (Daejeon International Community Center) is
publishing a quarterly magazine named Eokaedongmu
to promote prosperity and convenience for the lives of expats in Daejeon and to
improve their mutual exchange and communication with the people who live here
in Daejeon, their new home. To facilitate this venture, we are now calling for
articles and stories written by expats for Eokaedongmu.
Please contribute generously so the expatriates in Daejeon can share in this
pool of knowledge and live richer lives in their new home.


1. Due date of Issue : Mar. 15th, Jun. 15th, Sept.
15th, Dec. 15th


2. Deadline : Feb. 28th, May 31th, Aug. 31th, Nov.


3. Contents

○ Foreign community activities (Contents of the
activities, Plans, Introduction, Advertisements)

○ Your personal impression of living in Daejeon, or
another city or town in Korea.  Ideas for
articles may be your personal experience of living in Daejeon, terrific
features of the city you have discovered, caveats for other expats as they make
their way in their new home, or a moving story around people’s lives.

○ Great tips for residing in the various parts of the


4. The author of the manuscripts chosen will be
allotted a small honorarium.


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