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Introduction to Daejeon City Policy - “Welfare Mandurae”
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Welfare Mandurae is a policy designed to engage people in welfare program, extending the
culture of giving, and to construct a network and civil safe web that is based on people voluntary participation.


※ Origin of Welfare Mandurae : Korea traditionally had a system of ‘Durae’ in each village that functioned as community collected leadership when faced various problems. Succeeding this spirit, adopting modern perspective, and to bring out collaboration between public and private
sectors, Daejeon city government facilitates community participation in welfare program and, thus the Daejeon Mandurae supplements the welfare program provided by government.

Masterplan for Welfare Mandurae was initiated on December 2003, and managmeent ordinance was enacted on July of 2004. Currently the system is run by religion sect, university, medical pharmaceutical institute, NGO and volunteer group in total of 83 organizations (a city government, 5 gu-offices, and 77 dongs) engaging over 2,600 people.

Major programs of Mandurae ;
Welfare Network Project : to manage open forum video and photo gallery page, and open
communication board discussion page.
Citizen School : to manage the school homepage, case study volunteer group, and sessions
Sponsorship Project : to connect sponsor and people in welfare blind spot (recipients are household with below average income, elderly, disabled, young child without a guardian, and sponsors are corporate, institute and individual)
Case study Project : to find difficulties faced by low house income individuals, to offer solution how to better operate“case study volunteer group,” and to operate join project with welfare specialist institute
Program Project : based on Gu·Dong district unit, to support low household income people, to operate programs of education Mandurae · health protector · regional specialized program.

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