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Using the "Tashu" Program

Daejeon operates a public bicycle program called "Tashu" to promote the use of the bicycles. A "Tashu" can be borrowed from one of the twenty bicycle stands scattered throughout the city by simply registering for the service with a valid ID. These are over 200 “Tashu” bicycles available at these 20 stands.

The rental process

  • bicycle rental button on the initial screen press.
  • seiect the number of bicycles available for rent.(available for rent:green)
  • ect the authentication method. hankkum card authentication(member). phone authentication(archive)
  • when selecting hankkum card payment. contact the hankkum card reader at frequency. red circles refer.
  • during the selection of the mobile payment. select the appropriate carrier. enter your cell phone number. must enter your social security number.(people mobile phone and social security numbers must match) certificate no. botton. transter certificate no. on the phone and 'ok' button to press.
  • stated that the number chosenas moving geoti.
  • 'ting' bilke 'rental'button until you hear. press and hold.
  • 'deureureung' sound by holding the saddle and the handle of the bike. then wait until push forward.
  • Borrowing a “Tashu”
    • 1. Press the “Bicycle Hiring” button
    • 2. Press the bicycle ID (a number) you intend to borrow (available bicycles are shown in green)
    • 3. Choose your ID recognition method (a. Hankkumi Card: member / b. Mobile Phone: non-member)
    • 4-1. If the Hankkumi Card is chosen, hold the card over the card reader (red circle)
    • 4-2. To use a mobile phone, select your mobile phone service provider (SKT, KTF, LG), enter your mobile phone number, enter your 13-digit alien registration number, press the button labeled “identity identification,” then enter the identification number that is sent to your mobile phone and press the “confirmation” button.
    • 5. Go to your chosen bike
    • 6. Press the “Hiring” button until you hear a beep
    • 7. Get the bicycle off the rack.
  • Returning the bicycle
    • 1. Take the bike back to any “tashu” station and place it in a rack. Be sure that the bike is firmly set against the locking device. Then simply turn the knob on the lock to the left to lock it.
    • 2. When the bicycle is inserted and locked to the rack, you will hear a voice saying “well done.”

※ You must register your Hankkumi Card at the “Tashu” ( prior to using it.
Mobile Phone may be used without prior registration. However, a charge of 60won is applicable for the authentication.

※ In use of Hankkumi card : register at website
In use of cell phone certification : no need of registration / certification fee is 60 won Procedure : (choose the telecommunication company – enter cell phone number – enter resident number – get certification number – enter certification number – complete)

Bike Rental Fee

Free Up to 1 hour (60minutes)
After 1 hour Below 3 hours*: 500 won per 30 minutes
Over 3 hours: 2000 won per 30 minutes

* including the first 1 free hour.

Location for Tashu Rental

tashu location mapimages

No. Stands No. Stands
1 Entrance of KOTREX 11 Nuri Apt.
2 DCC 12 Government Complex Station
3 Hanbat Arboretum 13 Samcheon Middle School
4 Chowon Apt.(#104) 14 Dunsan HiMart
5 Entrance of Dunsan Grand Park 15 Dunsan Homeplus
6 Baekhap Apt. 16 Gukhwa Apt.
7 Entrance of Government Complex(Daedeok Main Road) 17 Timeworld
8 Entrance of Government Complex(Saemmeori) 18 Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall
9 Hwangsil Apt. 19 Hyundai Itel(Officetel)
10 Near KBS 20 Clover Apt.

Information desk for "Tashu" system : ☏ 070-7124-3462